Japan’s leader forms his own legacy

Japan’s leader forms his own legacy
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Islam News – In the days after the assassination of Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister who was killed this month, the country’s current leader, Fumio Kishida, said he would honor him by advancing his favored policies.

But Kishida, who has spent nearly three decades in the shadow of the more charismatic Abe, has also shown an effort to set himself apart from Japan’s longest-serving prime minister.

While pushing to include a revision of the pacifist clause in the Constitution and increase the country’s military spending — two of Abe’s most cherished goals — Kishida distanced himself from Abe’s specific targets.

“We must be realistic and concrete in our discussions but at the same time, not be numbers-oriented,” Kishida said last week.

Diplomacy: When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Kishida swiftly enacted sanctions. Eight years earlier, Abe, keen to foster a relationship with Vladimir Putin, had dragged his feet on imposing sanctions after Russia annexed Crimea.

Economics: With inflation rising, the yen depreciating, coronavirus infections increasing, the population aging and the birthrate falling, Kishida may find it difficult to expand government programs.

Source: The New York Times

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