Kherson, liberated

Kherson, liberated
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Islam News – The city of Kherson is back under Ukrainian control, after more than eight months of Russian occupation.

The city’s infrastructure is severely damaged, and water, power and food are in short supply. The danger has not passed: Bomb squads are clearing explosives, and Russian soldiers may not have fully withdrawn. Still, the mood is infectious, our correspondents write. Residents celebrated, cheering as they embraced Ukrainian soldiers.

And the advance on Kherson may reinvigorate and energize Ukraine’s army. Some analysts predict a lull in fighting could come with a difficult winter, but Ukraine is showing no signs of stopping its advance or allowing the war to settle into a stalemate.

Analysis: The victory is a bitter blow to Russia. Just a few weeks ago, President Vladimir Putin declared the Kherson region a part of Russia forever. His proxy administrators tried to stamp out Ukrainian culture and language, but residents said the Russification efforts “just didn’t work.”

What’s next: In the east, the battle for Donetsk rages.

Art: Banksy unveiled a mural in Borodyanka, a town near Kyiv that was one of the first places hit by Russian airstrikes.

Source: The New York Times

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