Kim Jong-un’s ‘beloved daughter’ makes an appearance

Kim Jong-un’s ‘beloved daughter’ makes an appearance
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Islam News – On New Year’s Day, North Korean state media carried undated photos of a young girl and Kim Jong-un visiting a nuclear missile facility.

Her name and age were not reported, and she was simply referred to as Kim’s “most beloved daughter.” That was enough to suggest that she might be being groomed as ​his eventual successor to inherit ​the regime and its fast-growing nuclear arsenal. He also brought a daughter, identified as Kim Ju-ae by South Korean intelligence, to a major weapons test in November.

A change is hardly imminent: Kim Ju-ae is believed to be 9 or 10, and Kim Jong-un turns 39 on Monday. But slowly introducing her to the public may be Kim’s effort to avoid his father’s mistakes with succession.

Kim, the youngest son, was his father’s choice for leader. But ordinary people had never seen him until he appeared in state media in 2010​, a year before his father died. It took years before he established his unchallenged authority through bloody purges.

Analysis: Most analysts agreed that by taking his child to events related to his arsenal, Kim was reminding North Korea’s people, especially its youth, that his family’s dynastic rule and nuclear weapons development would continue into the next generation.

Details: South Korean intelligence officials have said that Kim has three children, with the eldest most likely being a son. Ju-ae is his second child, they said.

Source: The New York Times

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