More Americans view Russia as an enemy-Survey

More Americans view Russia as an enemy-Survey
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By Sarah Mucha for Axios |

More Americans view Russia as an enemy following its invasion of Ukraine, a new Pew Research survey found.

Why it matters: The issue is one of a few topics in which Democrats and Republicans find common ground. 72% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans agreed that Russia is an enemy of the United States.

Driving the news: 70% of all U.S. respondents now consider Russia to be an enemy, compared to 41% in January.

The portion of Americans who view Russia as a competitor, in turn, dropped by about half.
49% said Russia was a competitor in January, compared to 24% in March.
The backdrop: The bipartisanship displayed in the Senate this week echoes that of the American sentiment toward the war in Ukraine.

After weeks of gridlock, the Senate voted 100-0 on Thursday to end normal trade relations with Russia and ban the importation of its oil.

“No nation whose military is committing war crimes deserves free trade status with the United States,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.
Between the lines: 83% of Americans ages 65 and older hold that view, compared to 59% of adults aged 18-29 — the youngest polled.

The sentiment was also held by 77% of Americans with a postgraduate degree, compared to two-thirds of those with some college education and those with a high school degree or less.

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