More signs of Taliban’s growth in Afghanistan

More signs of Taliban’s growth in Afghanistan
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Islam News – The Taliban have implemented a broad strategy of trying to rebrand as capable governors while they press a ruthless, land-grabbing offensive across the country.

It’s a stark signal that the insurgents, aware of their legacy of harsh rule, fully intend to try for all-out dominance of Afghanistan once the U.S. withdrawal is finished.

An assassination campaign against government and security workers continues, there is little effort at peace talks, and women are being forced out of public-facing roles and girls out of schools. There is fear that worse is on the horizon.

Districts were not always taken through sheer military force. Some fell because of poor governance, others because of local rivalries and low morale among security forces. Documents and interviews with insurgent commanders and Taliban officials show that the success of the group’s recent surge was not entirely expected, and that Taliban leaders are haphazardly trying to capitalize on their gains.

Source: The New York Times




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