Mustafa Barghouti: Palestinian reconciliation standstill and we have the one-state alternative

Mustafa Barghouti: Palestinian reconciliation standstill and we have the one-state alternative
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Islam News – In an interview with the Arabic news site “Shujun Arabia” – Labib Taha speaks with Dr. Mustafa al Barghouti, a Palestinian politician with various achievements, who discusses the Palestinian recent developments.

Being asked about the Palestinian and international scene after the presidency period of Donald Trump, Dr. Barghouti responded, there is nothing worse for the entire world than Trump, out if racism, arrogance, and committing huge sins.

Not to mention, his actions and behavior for withdrawal from the climate agreement, Iran’s nuclear agreement, and from the World Health Organization (WHO); thus, dedicating savage capitalism community, and holding negative attitude towards the immigrants.

Trump portrayed the right-wing extremist. Never in history of the United Stated did anyone who so badly offended the Palestinian people than him.

He adopted the “Deal of the Century,” which was Netanyahu’s plan in the first place. Thus, he represented Iran and Turkey as enemies for the Arab, in purpose of imposing regional dominance.

Regarding the “Deal of the Century”, Dr. Barghouti stated the deal is not done and Biden will only make formal changes. He might pay money for the Palestinian authority, but won’t make a stance against the settlement.

Thus, noted that if the “Deal of the Century” is stopped then the normalization wouldn’t proceed and the settlement wouldn’t continue building.

As for what is related to potential halt of official normalization between some Arab countries and Israel by the end of Trump’s presidency period, Secretary General of “Palestinian National Initiative” said, “Biden welcomed normalization” and he is not expected to stop.

Discussing the Arab normalization dilemma, Dr. Barrghothi stated, “There is an essential question here, and that is why Palestinians are subjugated by everyone?” “We should start with ourselves by searching for an alternative for Oslo agreement and the current negotiation system, he said; then added, “We should boycott Israel and adopt resistance policy. Thus organize a Palestinian unit.”

The Palestinian reconciliation has been suspended until before the decision to resume the security coordination for the Palestinian Authority with the occupiers.

Dr. Barghouti excluded the possibility of combining between the Palestinian reconciliation and the security coordination with the occupier.

Regarding the options the Palestinian people have at the status quo, Dr. Barghouti forwarded by “Palestinian National Initiative” that included five strategies:

First:  the national resistance should not contradict with other resistant groups that the international and humanity law states.

Second: enhance the international solidarity movement, boycott Israel and enforce sanctions, also withdraw the investments from Israel.

Third: support national steadfastness for the Palestinian people, protect the key element of success that the Palestinian achieved, and stay in its country to strengthen the demographic balance.

Forth: reinforce the national unity and form national unity leadership for everyone participates in opinion and decision making.

Fifth: activate and merge all Palestinian components from the inside, outside and the occupied territories for common goals.

For the question, if the two-state agreement is still realistic, Dr. Barghouti responded, Israel must know that we are not without alternatives; and the alternative is the one state and fighting against Apartheid.

In the end, Dr. Mustafa Al Barghouti closed the interview by saying, “we can organize and depend on ourselves in fighting against the occupier.”

Translated by: Rayan Hussein Haidar

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