Myanmar’s military is using surveillance and hacking

Myanmar’s military is using surveillance and hacking
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IslamNews – Myanmar’s generals, who staged a coup a month ago, are back in charge with a sophisticated tech arsenal: Israeli-made surveillance drones, European iPhone cracking devices and American software that can hack into computers and vacuum up their contents.

Many of the products were purchased from Western countries during Myanmar’s five years of civilian-military rule that ended with the coup on Feb. 1. Some of the tech helped people in Myanmar go online, and other systems like spyware were portrayed as integral to law enforcement. But now, critics say the armed forces used the facade of democracy to justify the sensitive cybersecurity and defense purchases.

Some of these technologies are being deployed by the military to target opponents. Documents show that the security forces have triangulated between their critics’ social media posts and the addresses of their internet hookups to find where they live.

Source: The NewYork Times

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