New leadership in Israel , Netanyahu formally ousted from office

New leadership in Israel , Netanyahu formally ousted from office
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Islam News – The Israeli parliament formally ousted Benjamin Netanyahu, whose 12-year reign as prime minister was the longest in the country’s history. The Knesset approved a new coalition government by a single vote: 60 to 59, with one abstention.

Naftali Bennett, often described as further to the right than Netanyahu, is the new prime minister. He sees no path to Palestinian statehood, and he believes Israel should annex much of the occupied West Bank.

In two years, if the government can hold, the centrist leader Yair Lapid will take his place. A savvy political operator, he coaxed the deal into place and favors many progressive policies.

The eight parties in the coalition have little in common. They plan to steer clear of issues that would divide them, like the conflict with Palestinians, and promise a domestic focus: patching budgets, fixing roads and rebuilding the fumbling economy.

Netanyahu: The 71-year-old has no plans to retire and may still lead the powerful Likud party. In a self-congratulatory speech on Sunday, he listed his accomplishments and swore vengeance, pledging to lead his supporters “in a daily battle against this bad and dangerous left-wing government, and bring it down.”

Soutce : the New York Times

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