North Korea launched new missiles

North Korea launched new missiles
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Islam News – North Korea launched at least 23 missiles off its coasts yesterday, the most it has fired in a single day. All fell into international waters.

The volley triggered an air-raid alert on Ulleung, a populated island in South Korea. One missile landed 103 miles (about 166 kilometers) northwest of the territory. South Korea, in response, fired three missiles from fighter jets into international waters near the North.

The exchange marked the first time that many missiles were launched across the maritime border, the South’s Defense Ministry said. The standoff came two days after South Korea and the U.S. began an annual joint military exercise that involved 240 aircraft and thousands of military personnel.

Background: North Korea has conducted 28 weapons tests involving ballistic and other missiles this year — more than ever before.

Context: The launch was the North’s most daring missile test since Oct. 4, when it fired a ballistic missile that flew over Japan and covered the longest distance ever traveled by a North Korean weapon.

Source: The New York Times

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