Piyush Goyal: India wishes to engage with world

Piyush Goyal: India wishes to engage with world
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Islam News- Asserting that India is making a rapid strike in the digital world, Indian Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal expressed in Brussels hope for further engagement in the IT sector.
“India’s making a rapid strike in the digital world. We would further like to engage with the innovation in the IT sector. In the last few years, we worked on gender equality, sustainable development, clean energy, and hydrogen mission,” Goyal said on Friday.
He added that Europe brings cutting-edge technology, and big data to the table while India contributes to labor-intensive sectors.
“EU and India have worked together to reinstate globalization. India wishes to engage with the world,” the Union Minister said further.
Meanwhile, India and the European Union have relaunched negotiations for free trade agreement after a 9-year lull.
“It’s natural that India and EU come together to expand our friendship, trust in trade agreements, investment and greater partnership. We are committed to meeting ambitious timelines providing opportunities to businesses and people in India and the EU,” he said further.
“The trust that has been developed between leaders of India and the EU, and the strong bond that businesses on both sides will lead to greater engagement in trade, investment, and strategic ties,” he said, adding that there is a lot to learn from this partnership.
Piyush Goyal also inaugurated a “Mango Festival” organized in Brussels to create awareness among the Europeans and create a market for Indian mangoes in Europe.
India is a major exporter of mangoes to the world, but mostly the mangoes are going to the Middle-East countries rather than coming to Europe.

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