Poland’s explosion: A Russian missile?

Poland’s explosion: A Russian missile?
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Islam News – Poland is looking into the cause of a deadly explosion that happened yesterday at a grain processing facility near its border with Ukraine. Two people were killed, local media reported.

Top government officials called an emergency meeting. At publication time, the U.S. said it had no corroborating information about news media reports that two Russian missiles had landed in Poland.

The explosions in Poland came on the same day that Russia launched a widespread missile attack on Ukraine, one of the broadest aerial assaults since the invasion began. Kyiv and Kharkiv were hit, among other major cities.

Roughly 100 Russian missiles were aimed primarily at Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure, but Ukraine said it had shot 70 down. Russia is focusing on Ukraine’s ability to provide power to its residents as winter looms.

Fighting: The attacks followed Ukraine’s recapture of Kherson, a strategically important southern city.

Context: Despite Russian attacks on infrastructure, Ukraine’s vast rail system has helped it withstand the invasion.

Source: The New York Times

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