Pope Benedict is very ill

Pope Benedict is very ill
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Islam News – Pope Francis asked the faithful to pray for the retired Pope Benedict XVI, his 95-year-old predecessor. Francis said Benedict was “very ill,” and the Vatican said his health had “deteriorated in recent hours due to advancing age.”

Benedict, the first pope in six centuries to step down, has become increasingly frail. In recent years, he has rarely made public appearances. Francis called on people to “support him in this witness of love to the church, until the end.”

When he retired nearly 10 years ago, Benedict cited his declining health. He has since lived at a monastery on the grounds of Vatican City.

Uncharted territory: Normally, upon the death of a pope, a highly ritualized set of traditions is set in motion, culminating in a conclave to chose a successor. But it is not clear if any steps of that process would apply in the case of a retired pope.

Legacy: Born in Germany, Benedict is considered conservative in his views. His tenure was marred by the unresolved sexual abuse scandal in the church. After a report earlier this year said he mishandled four cases of sexual abuse of minors in Germany decades ago, Benedict asked for forgiveness.

Source: The New York Times

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