Russia blames its dead soldiers

Russia blames its dead soldiers
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Islam News – Russia said on Wednesday that their soldiers’ unauthorized use of cellphones in the Donetsk region was the “main reason” that Ukraine was able to launch a deadly attack on New Year’s Day. The Ministry of Defense said Ukraine used cellphone data to home in on their locations.

Some Russian lawmakers and military bloggers pushed back against the swift assignment of blame. They said the statement from the Defense Ministry was an attempt to fault the rank and file rather than their commanders.

They argued that leaders did not take precautions to protect troops, such as dispersing the newly arrived soldiers to safer locations and housing them away from munitions.

Context: Russian soldiers’ use of open cellphone lines has been a known vulnerability, often revealing forces’ positions. Ukraine killed at least one general and his staff after he spoke over an unsecure phone, U.S. officials say.

Death toll: Russia now says that 89 soldiers died in the strike, including a deputy commander. The adjustment from its initial figure of 63 is a rare acknowledgment of casualties.

Source: The New York Times

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