Russia plans to establish a naval base in Sudan

Russia plans to establish a naval base in Sudan
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Islam News – Russia plans to establish a military base on Sudan’s Red Sea coast to serve as a logistics center for the Russian navy, according to a draft agreement between Moscow and Khartoum signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and released publicly Nov. 11.  

The agreement states that Sudan will provide a land plot for the Russian base free of charge for a period of 25 years. It will automatically renew for subsequent 10-year periods.

While the base’s capacity will be capped at four ships at a time, nuclear-powered ships are permitted to dock, thus significantly increasing the combat capability of the Russian navy in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The number of military personnel permanently staying at this facility should not exceed 300 people, according to the agreement. Also, Russia will have the right to import and export through the seaports and airfields of Sudan “any weapons, ammunition, and equipment” necessary for the operation of the base and “for the performance of tasks by warships.”

Sudan, according to the published document outlining the agreement, will not collect import and export duties and taxes.

The base will be located near the city of Port Sudan, according to the document. External protection of the borders of the base territory will be carried out by the Sudanese side. Meanwhile, protection of the borders of the water area of ​​the base and its air defense will be up to Russia.

At the request of the Sudanese authorities, the Russian side can assist in the organization and implementation of underwater countersabotage support in the territorial waters of Sudan, participate in search and rescue operations, help provide air defense for the local naval forces and strengthen the capabilities of the Sudanese armed forces.

The agreement specifies that for these purposes Russia will supply Sudan with weapons, troops and special equipment in a manner and under terms that will be stipulated in a separate protocol.

Source: Al-monitor

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