Slow vaccine rollout in Asia

Slow vaccine rollout in Asia
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IslamNews – As Europe and the U.S. suffered catastrophically high coronavirus infections and deaths, countries around the Pacific Rim staved off disaster. But now, they lag behind in vaccinations.

South Korea, which tested widely, and Australia, which locked down, have vaccinated less than 3 percent of their populations. In Japan, where people donned masks and heeded calls to isolate, and New Zealand, which also locked down, not even 1 percent of the population has received a shot.

To some extent, they are taking advantage of the luxury of time that their comparatively low infection and death counts afford. But experts are warning of complacency and residents are getting frustrated as officials blame supply-chain bottlenecks.

Japan’s virus caseload has reached its highest levels since January, with more than 4,500 new infections reported on Friday. But the postponed Tokyo games are set to start in fewer than 100 days.

A comparison: The U.S. has fully vaccinated close to a quarter of the population, and Britain has given first shots to nearly half of its residents.

Source: The New York Times

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