Sydney goes into lockdown

Sydney goes into lockdown
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Islam News – As the Delta variant spreads through Australia’s biggest city, officials put into effect a strict two-week lockdown that began on Saturday for all of greater Sydney and its surrounding regions. It is the first such lockdown since early 2020 and reflects the rise in concern about the rapidly-growing outbreak.

A cluster that began with an airport limousine driver has jumped to nearly 100 cases, with dozens more expected over the coming days. Officials also worry about a hair salon that had 900 clients while at least a few employees were infectious, and a seafood wholesaler where a delivery driver tested positive after several days of transporting fish across the city.

Officials, who initially resisted such strong measures, said they were now necessary after several new chains of transmission were found. Until at least July 9, people across Sydney can leave their homes only to exercise, seek medical attention, care for loved ones, buy food or carry out other essential activities.

Australia is one of many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region that continue to struggle with the ups and downs of the coronavirus, mainly because of new variants and a slow rollout of vaccines. Most people in Sydney are unvaccinated. Fewer than a quarter of Australians have received at least one dose.

Source: Independent

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