Taj Mahal’s reopening is bittersweet

Taj Mahal’s reopening is bittersweet
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Islam News – The crowds that usually throng India’s most famous monument at sunset have been reduced to a handful of mostly local residents lately, roaming around the 25-acre complex for just over $3 a ticket.

Warnings that another wave of infections may be looming have cast a pall over lives that feel stuck in limbo. As India emerges from a devastating wave of the virus, the authorities have slowly reopened. With only 4 percent of the population vaccinated, though, the risks are always front of mind.

The Taj Mahal, on its busiest days since reopening, is hosting 2,000 visitors — less than one-tenth its capacity. It needs ticket sale money to make necessary repairs, and around half of Agra’s 1.6 million people are dependent on tourism. But many tourism business owners in the area say that they don’t want the risk.

Source: The New York Times


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