Tayseer Khaled: The government should be the idol in boycotting settlement goods

Tayseer Khaled:  The government should be the idol in boycotting settlement goods
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Islam News- Tayseer Khaled – member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization – called on all relevant authorities in the Palestinian National Authority, especially the Ministry of National Economy, to be the idol in boycotting Israeli goods and prohibit its entry to the Palestinian markets. Moreover, strict restrictions will be imposed on agencies that import Israeli products in Palestine, especially those who have a national alternative; such as fruits and vegetables, soft drinks, juices, mineral water, dairy products, medicines, etc., as a serious step encouraging national industry and the national product, thus creating job opportunities for tens of thousands of unemployed Palestinians.

This came as a response to the Palestinian Minister of Economy Khaled Al-Asaily’s , who called European countries  to boycott Israeli settlement goods, produced in illegal settlements built by Israel in contravention of international law in the Palestinian territories occupied since  June 1967.

Tayseer Khaled renewed calling Palestinian political and societal forces parties, factions, trade unions, mass unions, and civil society organizations of all kinds to be engaged in BDS in two directions, the first of which is to pressure the government, its ministries and departments concerned, and push them to act responsibly in this direction and present the model to activate the decision by Law No. (4) of (2010) regarding prohibiting and combating settlement products , the second of which is to launch a house-to-house boycott campaign for all Israeli products, especially goods produced in settlements, and transforming the boycott into a daily way of life  of  Palestinians                                                                             

source: Press Office

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