The future of Zaporizhzhia’s plant

The future of Zaporizhzhia’s plant
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Islam News – As Ukraine lashes Russia on the southern front, the Kremlin is tamping down speculation that its forces will withdraw from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex.

Yesterday, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said that Russia had no plans to end its occupation of the nuclear plant, Europe’s largest, which provided 20 percent of Ukraine’s electricity before the war.

The unusual announcement came after some pro-Russian military bloggers suggested that Moscow’s forces would withdraw, and after Ukrainian officials said there were indications that Russia was taking steps to leave the facility. Military analysts said there was no immediate indication that Ukraine was threatening Russia’s grip on the plant.

Details: The plant has been shelled repeatedly and has cycled down all its reactors as a safety measure. Ukrainian staff members have reported abuse and detention by Russian soldiers.

Fighting: In the south, Russia is fortifying lines of defense, a research group said, after pulling out of Kherson. In the east, Ukraine is struggling to hold Bahkmut.

Source: The New York Times

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