Tunisia’s parliament approves Cabinet reshuffle amid protests

Tunisia’s parliament approves Cabinet reshuffle amid protests
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IslamNews -Tunisia’s parliament on Tuesday approved a Cabinet reshuffle that deepened the conflict between the prime minister and the president, as hundreds protested outside the heavily barricaded parliament over social inequality and police abuses.
Riot police turned water cannon on protesters outside the parliament earlier on Tuesday, trying to quell the largest rally since demonstrations began this month.

Hundreds of protesters had marched from the Ettadhamen district of the capital, Tunis, where young people have clashed with police several nights this month, and were joined by hundreds more near the parliament.

Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi named 11 new ministers and said he hoped it would inject new blood into his government.

‮”‬Young people protesting outside parliament reminds us of our priorities. Their protests are legitimate‮ ‬and the government will listen to the angry youth,‮”‬ he said.

But President Kais Saied indicated on Monday he would reject the Cabinet reshuffle, condemned the absence of women among the new ministers and said some likely new Cabinet members may have conflicts of interest.

Saied, who appointed Mechichi last year but has taken issue with some of his moves, said he would not swear in any ministers suspected of corruption.

Source: Reuters

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