U.S. pushes intervention in Haiti

U.S. pushes intervention in Haiti
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Islam News – Haiti has descended into chaos since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse last year, and armed gangs run much of the country. The violence has been compared to a civil war.

The crisis could spur a mass migration to the U.S. and elsewhere: Already, the number of Haitian migrants intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard has increased more than fourfold since last year, with many setting sail in overcrowded boats known to capsize in rough waters.

Haiti’s government has appealed for an intervention, and the U.S. is pushing for a multinational force. But the Biden administration hasn’t made much progress with its allies — and does not plan to send in its own troops, fearing a costly mission and arguing that U.S. occupation has scarred Haiti.

Context: Men are killed, women are raped, and warring gangs set fire to entire neighborhoods. Last month, kidnappings reached an average of four abductions per day. Hunger and cholera are spreading.

Quotable: “That has always been the U.S. government’s biggest Haitian nightmare, a mass migration event,” said Daniel Foote, who served as the U.S. special envoy to Haiti for part of last year. “It’s already upon us; the next step becomes biblical, with people falling off anything that can float. We aren’t that far away from that.”

ٍSource: The New York Times

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