UAE provokes Arab anger with tweet to Israel ‘Happy Independence Day’

UAE provokes Arab anger with tweet to Israel ‘Happy Independence Day’
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IslamNews – The United Arab Emirates has sparked a wave of anger across the Middle East by congratulating Israel on its “Independence Day,” which was marked in the Hebrew calendar on Thursday.

Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948 was accompanied by the mass displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land, which Palestinians today commemorate as the Nakba or “catastrophe”.

The UAE embassy in Tel Aviv published a tweet wishing a “Happy Independence Day” to the citizens of Israel.

On 15 May, Palestinians will commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, according to the Gregorian calendar.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu replied on the social media platform thanking the UAE.

Al-Nuaimi, who heads the Emirati League for Resisting Normalisation, has been a prominent opponent of the UAE’s normalisation deal with Israel, which was announced in August 2020.The exchange sparked a flurry of angry responses from across the Arab world.

“The UAE embassy congratulates the Zionist entity for the establishment of Israel, in which 750 thousand Palestinians were displaced from about 20 cities, 400 Palestinian villages and around 10 thousand Palestinians were killed by Zionists,” Emirati dissident Humaid al-Nuaimi tweeted.

Source: The New Arab

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