Ukraine claims killing dozens of Russians

Ukraine claims killing dozens of Russians
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Islam News – Ukraine launched a major attack against a building housing Russian soldiers in the Donetsk region on New Year’s Day.

A full picture of the casualties is still emerging. Ukraine claimed that “about 400” had died, while Russia said yesterday that 63 service members had been killed.

But even with the lower figure, the attack was one of the deadliest strikes against Russian forces in Ukraine since the war began.

Mistakes by Russian forces may have contributed to the toll. One Russian military blogger said that “ammunition stored in the same building” had detonated in the strike. And Russian state media outlets said that the attack had been caused by the soldiers’ use of cellphones, which helped Ukrainian forces pinpoint their location.

Details: Ukraine used HIMARS, a guided rocket system supplied by the U.S. Since June, these weapons have helped Ukraine to shift the momentum of the war.

Food: The Russian blockade of grain shipments from Ukraine has made global starvation worse.

Source: The New York Times

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