Ukraine makes southern gains-NYT

Ukraine makes southern gains-NYT
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Islam News – Yesterday, a brigade of Ukrainian marines appeared to have expelled Russian forces from a town in the Kherson region in the south. Ukraine has made recent gains in the east and northeast as its strategy of attacking two locations at once has left Russia off balance.

But the wins have come with a sad twist: Much of the land Ukraine has reclaimed is nearly empty and in ruins.

Lyman, a strategically important hub, was retaken just a day after Russia declared it had been annexed. But many blocks of the city had been obliterated. About 5,000 residents remained out of a prewar population of 22,000.

In nearby Sviatohirsk, almost every window was blown out of the Roche Royal hotel, and soldiers patrolled empty streets among ruins. “We are liberating land, but without people on it,” a private in the Ukrainian Army said.

Russia: Moscow said it had begun training more than 200,000 new recruits, but the statement could not be immediately verified. Russian military bloggers said their country’s forces in southern Ukraine faced a bleak situation.

More weapons: Four more mobile rocket launchers will be sent to Ukraine as part of a $625 million military aid package from the U.S.

Source: The New York Times

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