Ukraine strikes deep within Russia

Ukraine strikes deep within Russia
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Islam News – Ukraine executed its most brazen attack into Russian territory in the nine-month-old war, targeting two military bases hundreds of miles inside the country, using unmanned drones, according to the Russian defense ministry and a senior Ukrainian official.

The senior official said that the drones were launched from Ukrainian territory and that at least one of the strikes was made with the help of Ukrainian special forces operating close to the base, who helped guide the drone to the target.

One explosion hit the Engels-2 air base, which is near the southwestern city of Saratov, hundreds of miles from the Ukrainian border, and hosts Russian strategic bombers, according to a Russian news outlet. Another explosion at a military base in the city of Ryazan, about 150 miles from Moscow, killed three people and wounded six others, a Russian state news agency reported.

Russian strikes: Hours after the explosions, Russia launched a new volley of missiles at Ukraine’s energy grid, knocking out power in several regions, officials said. It was the latest in a monthslong campaign of strikes by Moscow targeting civilian infrastructure.

Oil pressure: Europe and the United States started enforcing both a price cap on Russian oil that aims to increase economic pressure on Moscow and an embargo under which European nations will no longer be able to buy most Russian crude.

Source: The New York Times

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