US attack on Iran could wage a “full-fledged” war

US attack on Iran could wage a “full-fledged” war
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Islam News – Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, a military advisor to Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei alerts that an act of military aggression by the US against Iran is likely to trigger a full-scale war that will grip within it other parts of the region too.

He noted the comment to the  Associated Press, stating “A limited, tactical conflict can turn into a full-fledged war.”

Dehqan distanced Iran from any intention to set off such a war, and yet warned eagerly about such confrontations not just for the region, but for the world too.

“We don’t welcome a crisis. We don’t welcome war. We are not after starting a war,” he noted.

 “Definitely, the United States, the region, and the world cannot stand such a comprehensive crisis,” he stated –as the Press tv report read.

He mainly warned against any American military escalation in President Donald Trump’s final weeks in office.

He thus noted that the US atrocities during Trump’s presidency had made it extremely hard for Iran to return to the negotiation table. Among the many atrocities, he referred to the US’ assassination of Iran’s senior anti-terror commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani on Trump’s direct order near Baghdad airport in January.

He stated, furthermore, that the missile strike against the US bases in Iraq – after the assassination – was merely an “initial slap”.

According to Press tv, Dehqan signaled that Iran would not tolerate any American trickery in the event of any fresh talks and said, “We are not after negotiations for the sake of negotiations either.”

Furthermore, the advisor repeated Iran’s principled stance that its missile power is non-negotiable due to its forming part of Iran’s “deterrent” might. He emphasized that “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not negotiate its defensive power … with anybody under any circumstances.” He declared, as long as no inspector is a “spy”, the United Nations nuclear agency could keep monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities- as the Press tv report read.

Source: Press TV

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