US envoy previews Biden’s Israeli-Palestinian policy at the United Nations

US envoy previews Biden’s Israeli-Palestinian policy at the United Nations
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IslamNews – President Joe Biden’s administration said Tuesday that it would work to restore diplomatic ties with Palestinian leaders while pushing for an eventual two-state solution, all the while continuing to urge Middle Eastern countries to establish formal relations with Israel.

The new US administration will “support a mutually agreed two-state solution in which Israel lives in peace and security alongside a viable Palestinian state,” acting US envoy to the United Nations Richard Mills said during a debate held by the Security Council on Tuesday.

Mills also said the United States would work to reopen diplomatic missions to restore “relations with the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people,” which he said had “atrophied over the last four years.”

“US assistance benefits millions of ordinary Palestinians and helps to preserve a stable environment that benefits both Palestinians and Israelis,” Mills said. He added that the administration intends to focus on humanitarian issues such as the situation in Gaza, which remains under Israeli blockade, and will seek to foster an environment to enable future peace talks between the two sides to resolve the more than seven-decade conflict.

Mills’ statement is the first public articulation of the new administration’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since Biden took office last week.

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