Vaccine passports are drawing interest, and concerns

Vaccine passports are drawing interest, and concerns
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IslamNews – Israel became the first nation to roll out a “green pass,” allowing people vaccinated against Covid-19 to resume normal activities. Several European countries are considering doing the same.

Thailand on Tuesday ordered a study on issuing certificates to vaccinated travelers to boost tourism.

The idea is gaining traction as a way to restart economies. But the proposal is also provoking a backlash among those who say vaccine passports will exacerbate wealth gaps and discrimination. Vaccines are already more accessible to wealthy, white communities.

Some versions of the documents might permit bearers to travel internationally. Others would allow entry to vaccinated-only spaces like gyms, concert venues and restaurants.

Context: Some countries already require proof of vaccination against other viruses – for example, yellow fever – to enter. So do schools and day-care facilities in many U.S. states. But there is little precedent for society-wide restrictions.

Quotable: “If vaccines become a passport to doing different things, we’re going to see the communities that have been already hardest hit by Covid being left behind,” said a public health expert.

Source: The New York Times

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