War has displaced a third of Ukrainians

War has displaced a third of Ukrainians
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Islam News – According to The New York Times, an estimated third of Ukraine’s population has been forced from home since Russia invaded in February, including an often unseen group of more than six million people who have been displaced within the country.

The internally displaced people — a larger population than the nearly five million who have fled into Europe — are mostly women and children, many of whom face shortages of food, water and basic necessities. They also are, in large part, from the country’s east, which has become the focus of Russia’s attacks.

Across the Donbas region, many Ukrainians first fled with only a few documents and underwear, thinking they would be back soon. Now, five months into the war, many have started to fear they will never go back. The few who remain are typically caring for ailing family members, are too poor to move or have stayed to protect property. Some support Russia’s advance toward their towns — a group known as the zhduny, or the waiting ones.

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