Who won the final debate, Trump or Biden?

Who won the final debate, Trump or Biden?
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Islam News – By Rayan Haidar — After the last debate, both candidates, U.S. President Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Sen. Joe Biden, claimed victory. However, the few days left to the elections  will determine the American destiny.

CNN reported, “While Trump plans a traditional frantic rush through battle ground states with big rallies… Biden is likely to stick to his smaller, socially distanced affairs and rely on his big cash edge to blanket TV with ads.”

Due to Trump’s self-sabotage performance, the people of America got the chance to distinguish between the President and his opponent on several aspects; character, principles, economy, climate change, criminal justice and many more to determine their vote.

Although President Trump behaved more properly in the last debate, but he still stated several false claims and issued personal attacks. His response to health care and race questions lacked substance. As for the corona pandemic his repetitive response was “is going away”.

He also declared that the vaccine will be available “within weeks”, but of course this declaration has no guarantee.

Trump’s response revealed that President Trump has no attempt to change his perspective towards the pandemic. Moreover, last week Trump was asked what he would do differently, “not much” was his response.

However, the key distinction he is willing to make is the avoidance of lockdowns. “We can’t close our nation, we can’t lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does,” Trump said.

Biden forecasted a “dark winter” which President trump denied by repeating that the virus “will go away” while the pandemic is getting worse. Biden also accused Trump for not taking responsibility of it.

Unlike Trump, Biden was aware to plan how to handle the pandemic. “He would establish national standards for opening schools and businesses and would seek stimulus money to prepare them,” reported CNN.

Trump’s strike on Biden’s 1990’s criminal justice bills assisted him with black male voters on the margins. On the other hand, Trump’s cold-hearted dismissal of over 500 undocumented immigrant children detached from their parents and not found by the administration, led in sinking even more than ever his support among suburban women voters.

On his defense, President Trump said, “They are so well taken care of they’re in facilities that were so clean.” This left a good mark on Biden’s side, who always compared his humanity to Trump’s cruelness.

With time running out, Trump sought to his old winning tactics. Just like what he did to Hillary Clinton, he continually mentioned that Biden worked in the elected office for 47 years and yet failing to work out systemic racism issues.

However, the tactic backfired sometimes, giving Biden a chance to state Obama’s achievement at his time.

The most effective moments of the former vice president might have been when he weakened Trump’s policies in economy, heath care and immigration.

Biden attacked Trump for trying to have the Supreme Court disallow the Affordable Care Act for people with pre-existing conditions, while he himself presented a detailed proposal allowing the people of America to buy into public health insurance, thus suggesting a new phrase for it “Bidencare.”

Both Trump and Biden left an essential question unanswered. The question was “Could they understand why Black parents give their children the “talk” about how to handle encounters with law enforcement?” as reported by CNN.

Trump did not address the question, but instead he claimed he has done more for the African American people than any other president, acknowledging “I’m the least racist person in this room.”

Biden, on the other side, attacked Trump for his racial divisions and said “He pours fuel on every single racist fire.”

For a democratic nominee, failing to provide any kind of policy or action-based answer appeared like a missed opportunity.

The former vice president declared that he “would transition from the oil industry.”

As stating he wanted a gradual transition to cleaner types of energy, President Trump attempted to turn the discussion into political advantage in oil.

After the debate, Biden’s campaign clarified that the former president meant eliminating oil subsidies in particular.

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