Women in China’s Communist Party

Women in China’s Communist Party
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Islam News- China’s most powerful female politician, Sun Chunlan, is set to retire. As the rare woman in the upper echelons of Chinese politics, she has become accustomed to the role, driving the Communist Party’s will and bearing the country’s criticism.

Sun has become the enforcer of the country’s strict pandemic restrictions. She is often known as China’s “zero-Covid” czar. Her arrival in a city has come to be seen as a bad omen.

The Communist Party congress is meeting this week; at its end China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, is expected to secure a groundbreaking third term. It is a typical scene of suits and ties — fewer than a third of the delegates are women, and only three women are seen as having the potential to join the Politburo.

Since 1949, just eight women have risen to the powerful 25-member Politburo, including Sun, who at 72 is expected to step down from the body this week. Three of the women were married to the Communist Party’s revolutionary founders.

Source: The New York Times

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