American life expectancy plummets

American life expectancy plummets
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Islam News – The average American can expect to live to 76, down almost three years from nearly 79 in 2019, federal health researchers reported.

That drop is staggering. Until now, experts have been accustomed to measuring life expectancy changes by months, not years.

The coronavirus pandemic is largely to blame. A rise in accidental deaths and drug overdoses also contributed, as did deaths from heart disease, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, the new report found.

Americans also suffer from an amalgam of influences that experts have called “the U.S. health disadvantage,” said Dr. Steven Woolf, director emeritus of the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University. The result is a high disease burden and shorter life expectancy compared with other nations with comparable incomes.

Native Americans: The reduction has been particularly steep in Native American and Alaska Native communities, who have seen a cumulative decline of more than six and a half years on average since the start of the pandemic. That puts their average life span at 65, the same figure for all Americans in 1944.

Battling Covid: The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday authorized the first coronavirus vaccines that target Omicron subvariants. New booster doses could be available as soon as next week, but ample evidence suggests that Americans may hold back from additional shots.

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