China’s marathon race in space

China’s marathon race in space
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Islam News – Instead of running a head-to-head space race against the U.S., China has set off on a marathon. It’s making good time.

In late October, China completed the assembly of its Tiangong space station. Late last month, three Chinese astronauts took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and landed at the space station, beginning the permanent occupancy of the outpost.

These achievements, combined with recent probes to the moon and Mars, show China’s growing success. The New York Times reporter Keith Bradsher made a rare foreign visit to a desert rocket base in Jiuquan, where senior space officials described plans for a new space station and reusable rockets.

They also discussed ambitions to travel beyond near-Earth orbit and put astronauts on the moon. And they outlined an even bigger prize: sending humans to Mars.

Analysis: Seeking to burnish its prestige in the world, China is portraying Tiangong as a space station for scientists everywhere, especially in countries without established space programs.

History: Here’s a timeline of China’s advancements in spaceflight.

Reaction: In August, the U.S. predicted that China would surpass its space capabilities by 2045.

Source: The New York Times

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