Industry key to net zero emission goal: India

Industry key to net zero emission goal: India
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Islam News – Indian President Ram Nath Kovind has said the industry was key to India’s net zero emission pledge and urged the business fraternity to adopt villages individually and collectively to boost the development of less developed areas.

The President was speaking at the 90th anniversary of the Merchants Chamber of Uttar Pradesh in Kanpur today.

Flagging climate change as a formidable problem, President Kovind said the government had pledged that by 2030, India would reduce its carbon emissions by one billion tonnes and try to become a net zero emission economy by 2070.

“The cooperation of industries is important in achieving this goal. Many companies around the world are contributing to the zero carbon economy. Therefore, it would be expected from the representatives of the industry that they would not only work towards reducing pollution in the existing industries, but would also contribute to establishing new environment-friendly industries,” said the President.

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