South Korea braces for a typhoon

South Korea braces for a typhoon
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Islam News- Typhoon Hinnamnor is expected to make landfall this morning in South Korea. Forecasts indicated it could be the strongest storm in the country’s recorded history, with winds as strong as 134 miles per hour (216 kilometers per hour).

Preparations were also underway in China, where heavy rain fell in Shanghai yesterday morning. In Japan, the typhoon was expected to lash the western island of Kyushu. The authorities recommended that 57,000 households evacuate.

The storm comes just weeks after record-setting rainfall brought deadly floods to South Korea’s capital. The flooding killed at least nine people in Seoul and came as nearly 17 inches of rain (about 43 centimeters) fell in about a day. The typhoon was expected to bring as much as 12 inches of rain (about 31 centimeters) to the area today.

Parts of the island off the southern coast of South Korea were expected to receive more than two feet of rain, about two-thirds of a meter. Yesterday, local news showed flooding there.

Source: The New York Times

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