The world reached 100 million Coronavirus cases

The world reached 100 million Coronavirus cases
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Islam News – The world reached a staggering milestone of more than 100 million known virus cases, according to the New York Times.
C.D.C. officials said a return to classroom instruction can be safe if precautions are taken on campus and in the community.
The first confirmed case of a Brazil-based variant in the U.S. was identified in Minnesota on Monday.
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Variants halt travel worldwide
Countries across the world are tightening their borders as they attempt to seal themselves off from the threat of more resilient and contagious variants of the virus.

In Europe, France is moving to impose strict border measures, Britain is considering a mandatory hotel quarantine for some travelers, and Germany is considering shutting down nearly all flights to the country. The European Union is asking for more coordinated action among member states to limit travel from high-risk areas.

Australia recently suspended its travel bubble with New Zealand for three days after a case of the South African variant slipped past New Zealand’s strict quarantine system. New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said today that the country’s borders would remain closed until New Zealanders are “vaccinated and protected.”

In the United States, President Joe Biden reinstated some travel restrictions that former President Donald Trump had lifted before leaving office.

Where implemented, strict travel restrictions have been very effective at reducing the spread of the virus. But my colleague David Leonhardt, who writes The Morning newsletter, points out that the U.S. restrictions have a number of gaping holes, such as allowing U.S. citizens to return home.

“Viruses don’t care what passport you carry,” our colleague Donald G. McNeil Jr. told David.

It’s entirely possible that more contagious variants are already circulating in the U.S. because the country has no national program to sequence or detect the virus. (The Brazil variant was discovered in Minnesota hours after Mr. Biden reimposed travel restrictions.)

Still, said John Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, travel restrictions can still be useful in curbing their spread.

“Even if they are already here, the more often they are reintroduced, the more likely there could be a super-spreader event,” Dr. Moore said.

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