Morocco experience in the World Cup inspires Arabs and Africans

Morocco experience in the World Cup inspires Arabs and Africans
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Islam News – By Batoul Soliman |

An African football official believes that the qualification of the Moroccan national team to the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, which being held in Qatar, would be a great incentive for the African continent to prove its presence in this global competition.
The distinction of the Moroccan team in the World Cup made the Arabs united to encourage it, and they are all proud and faith in this team, which restored hope to the Arab teams that they are able to be in the World Cup final matches and that they deserve it.
The Moroccan team impressed us with its heroic performance as well as its humanitarian spirit, as the team raised the Palestinian flag on the field in Qatar as a sign of their support for the Palestinian cause, and videos of pro-Moroccan Palestinian fans spread in the streets throughout the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip celebrating the achievements of the Atlas Lions.
There is no doubt that Morocco’s result will motivate the entire continent. But motivation and dreams are not enough to develop African football and make it more competitive to win the World Cup, It takes concrete actions, long-term efforts.”

Although the Moroccan national team includes many foreign-born players, the success it has achieved is due, for the most part, to the moral and material support provided by the Moroccan Football Federation.
It is almost the only federation in Africa that has expressed its willingness to invest huge amounts of money in national teams, including $20 million for the development of women’s football, over four years.
Moroccan King Mohammed VI, during a phone call with the Moroccan national team coach, praised the outstanding achievements of his team during the World Cup in Qatar.
The Moroccan monarch also noted Regragui’s performance in coaching the team, especially that he was able, after a few months of assuming leadership of the national team, to form a team with leadership, confidence and fighting spirit that made it distinguished in the World Cup matches and reached the semi-finals.
Veron Mosengo-Omba, Secretary General of African Football, believes that more investments and resources are required in other countries, in order to follow the example of Morocco.
Mosengo Osimba said: “The Moroccan national team has proven that Africa can have more than one team in the semi-finals, and even in the final.”

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