“COVID19” in The Arab World: Theocratic Answers To Political Questions

“COVID19” in The Arab World: Theocratic Answers To Political Questions
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Salam Al Rabadi: Author and Researcher in International Relations

IslamNews – The transformations created by the so-called Arab Spring and currently the Corona virus epidemic, have not been able to bring about fundamental changes in societal perceptions of politics, the state, self and the other, where Arab thought (to some extent) still adheres to the principle of linking the philosophy of authority to the religious faith issue. Thus, if all that is seen in governmental policies is corruption and usurpation of power, but what it does not see is that all of these policies reflect the reality of our metaphysical society. Where, the evaluation of power and its exercise cannot be sought in the world of occultism. Here we can say that all interpretations (whether theocratic or metaphysical) have failed to reach a logical conclusion regarding the topic of searching for sources of authority or the facing crucial challenges.

Accordingly, the rational search for the source and exercise of power does not require any kind of trend towards metaphysical matters, in order to emphasize the identity of our societies that are not confident in themselves politically and psychologically. And this reality has exhausted the capabilities of the nation previously in intellectual problematics about what it is, and relationship with the different other(the West), to reach now to, this level of collision with our identity itself.

Consequently, we have to face that paradoxical thought, based on colliding dichotomies. Here, a number of questions must be raised about the available intellectual and political options, other than bilateral collision with the other or with ego itself. Hence, it is logical that this dialectical reality requires the search for a critical reading of theocratic thought, in order to direction towards a new intellectual vision, which is based on the fact that theocratic answers to political questions are no longer sufficient in shaping the features of the future, or even contribute to find a vaccine, for the emerging COVID19.

 On the contrary, these answers have become a title of the closed path that our Arab societies have reached. Accordingly, the logical direction of developments in the Arab world after the crisis of the global epidemic can only be towards critical thought, and this thought will be able to stand on its own feet after standing long on its head. That is, of course, if it is correct to define ideology as an upside-down consciousness that standing on its head.

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