South Americans cut the line for Covid vaccines

South Americans cut the line for Covid vaccines
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IslamNews – Corruption scandals are exposing how powerful and well-connected people in South America jumped the vaccine line.
Across the continent, prosecutors are examining thousands of accusations of irregularities in inoculation drives, most of them involving local politicians and their families cutting in line. Four ministers in Peru, Argentina and Ecuador have resigned this month or are being investigated on suspicion of receiving or providing preferential access to scarce coronavirus shots.

“They all knew that patients have been dying,” Robert Campos, 67, a doctor in Lima, Peru, said of the country’s politicians. “And they vaccinated all their little friends.”

Anger at the powerful line cutters has been amplified by the scarcity of the vaccines. South America, like other developing regions, has struggled to procure enough doses as rich nations bought up most of the available supply. The continent has about 5 percent of the world’s population, but accounts for nearly a fifth of all known pandemic deaths worldwide, and mortality data suggests the pandemic’s real toll is at least double the official numbers.

Source: The New York Times

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